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Lather A Salon

Perfection is our journey...

Lather A Salon began as an idea in a young hairdresser’s mind fifteen years ago.  The idea was a simple one.  A small space with great vibes and real people; where creativity and communication flows. A place where an exceptional service is always top priority; and trichologist and guest work together to design the perfect style, and a plan to maintain it every day at home.  Where you can find real answers to your hair questions.  And so, Lather A Salon was born...

We are a team based environment which caters to all ages, hair types, and textures,  especially curls. From 2yrs to 102yrs, we will meet and exceed all your hair needs. Perfection is our journey.  

Trichologist (Tri·cho·logist): From the Greek root “trichos” meaning hair. Trichologist refers to the experts at Lather A Salon, who have refined their craft through years of focusing their careers on the art of doing hair. Not to mention the extensive education they have received. Going to anyone else is like trusting your mechanic to wax your eyebrows.

We proudly carry Ouidad and Unite hair products.


(The following brand information is directly from the Ouidad company)

Since 1982, Ouidad (pronounced wee-dahd) was the very first stylist and salon owner in the country to specialize in curly hair. Today, editors at national fashion and beauty magazines consult Ouidad regularly and consider her to be the "Queen of Curl."

Ouidad combined scientific knowledge with an understanding of curly hair’s special needs. She takes an active part in formulating and creating her line of protein and vitamin enriched hair products that work with antioxidants to make curls defined, soft, shiny and manageable.



All curls can be healthier, shinier, and more manageable with Ouidad. Curly hair is lively and fun. Taking care of it doesn’t need to be a burden and take hours of your time. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of purchasing hair care products that aren’t right for our curls. These products then end up in a "hair product graveyard."

In most cases, people are selecting formulas that are inappropriate for their hair type or using the products incorrectly. Curly hair requires specific products, and Ouidad’s products are specifically designed for curly hair. And they are always satisfaction guaranteed!



As the first-ever range developed specifically for curly hair, Ouidad products create beautiful and healthy curls for life. Ouidad formulations are lightweight, gentle, moisturizing and water-soluble and work from the inside out to transform hair into its healthiest condition. Ouidad products feed curly hair what it needs---moisture, protiens, vitamins, and amino acids--- to help it look its best today and tomorrow.  Ouidad products enhance and define curls, not suppress them with heavy oils or waxes.  


(The following brand information is directly from the Unite website.



Inspired backstage, founded by Londonite, hairdresser, and educator, Andrew Dale, and honed at the salon, UNITE has become a global leader in professional hair care, and one of the most sought-after product lines worldwide. For 15 years the California based company has had a commitment of bringing together and providing unparalleled educational support to the salon and hairstyling community. It’s cutting-edge and high-quality formulations, award-winning packaging, and top-performing products are designed by and for hairdressers, with their clients in mind.  

Today, the UNITE collection includes 41 exceptionally formulated products for all hair types and is coveted by stylists, the salon network, it-girls, celebrities, and beauty enthusiasts around the world.