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Lather A Salon

Perfection is our journey...

Lather A Salon began as an idea in a young hairdresser’s mind fifteen years ago.  The idea was a simple one.  A small space with great vibes and real people; where creativity and communication flows. A place where an exceptional service is always top priority; and trichologist and guest work together to design the perfect style, and a plan to maintain it every day at home.  Where you can find real answers to your hair questions.  And so, Lather A Salon was born...

We are a team based environment which caters to all ages, hair types, and textures,  especially curls. From 2yrs to 102yrs, we will meet and exceed all your hair needs. Perfection is our journey.  

Trichologist (Tri·cho·logist): From the Greek root “trichos” meaning hair. Trichologist refers to the experts at Lather A Salon, who have refined their craft through years of focusing their careers on the art of doing hair. Not to mention the extensive education they have received. Going to anyone else is like trusting your mechanic to wax your eyebrows.

Updated Service Menu and Price Increase Effective 10/1/2018

Since the inception of Lather A Salon, it has been our top priority to offer you, our valued guest an exceptional service at a fair price, and to keep prices as stable as possible. The nine years since we first opened our doors for business have flown by, and many things have changed in that time. Our industry continues to evolve, and in order to remain at the forefront of the industry, and keep you our valued guest current and on trend, we have decided to move to a gender neutral pricing structure and service menu.  Our new menu will allow us to take in to consideration, length of hair and time required for each guest's individualized service, rather than limiting our stylists to a predetermined time slot, based on the gender of that same guest.  Our new menu will also feature advanced and on-trend color services which will make online booking easier and more accurate.  Additionally, over the last several years, we have experienced ongoing increases in many of our operating costs, although we have not passed those increases on to our guests. We feel that now is the time to make the necessary changes to our pricing and service menu to insure that we are able to continue to offer the highest level of service to each guest. We at Lather A Salon take pride in offering you, our valued guest an exceptional service, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future. Please click here to view a complete service menu and price list.